Dan Sultan - Limited Edition Teal Vinyl 1LP

Dan Sultan


Dan Sultan’s 3x ARIA-nominated, Top 20-charting fifth studio album is now available on a limited edition pressing of transparent teal vinyl. Across eleven heartfelt new songs, the much-loved singer songwriter bares his soul as he reveals the ups and downs of the last few years on cuts like ‘Story’, ‘Won’t Give You That’, ‘Wait In Love’ and ‘Ringing In My Ears’.

Limited to 100 copies.

1. Story
2. Won’t Give You That
3. Wait In Love
4. Ringing In My Ears
5. Fortress (ft. Julia Stone)
6. Chance To Lose Control
7. Rise Up
8. Saint Nor Sinner
9. Boats
10. Undreamt Shores
11. Lashings


Dan Sultan - Limited Edition Teal Vinyl 1LP by Dan Sultan